What Causes Adult Acne

Teenagers and adults share a common likeness: they both suffer from acne. While teenagers feel that they are the only ones plagued by acne, adults are even placed in a most embarrassing predicament because of acne. A multitude of people have asked, what causes adult acne.Your body is a system, and that system should be properly taken cared off, if the toxins and impurities that have accumulated in your body are not properly disposed of, it disposes this through little red nodules that burst when the time comes. Hormonal imbalance, bacteria, and stress-related events can also contribute to the onset of these skin problems. Several scientific research has proven that improper diet is the main culprit of adult acne.So what causes adult acne? For women, hormonal changes can greatly influence the appearance of acne. If you may notice, women approaching their menstrual period usually have an onset of acne. This happens because the progesterone levels increase. Further, pregnancy may also be causing acne because of fluctuations in hormones. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also causes this.What causes adult acne in men? It is usually the production of testosterone that determines an onset of acne. Medicines use to treat certain diseases and conditions like seizure can also cause adult acne. Basically, any factor that might influence a change in the production of hormones in male and female can cause adult acne.Industrial chemicals have also been pinpointed to cause acne. If you’re still at a loss as to what caused your acne, you might want to trace your lineage and check who among your closest relatives have been suffering from acne before. If any of your parents suffering from this disorder, it is common that you will get to inherit this. While there are so many factors that weigh in determining the cause of your acne, the treatment can be very easy. Foremost on your to-do list to lessen your acne should be a lifestyle change. You can also follow a tailored skin regimen recommended by your dermatologist to stop your acne.